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End of May Sale: enjoy 10% off when you spend $50+, use code "MAY10" at checkout!
Hi there, Noor!

Hi there, Noor!

Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences.

I am an artist that finds joy in creating art on unusual canvases.

What made you start creating content on social media?

A desire to share my passion with people and document my progress.

What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

As for the present, younger generations seem to be exploring trends outside their previously established comfort zones--you see more individual style now than you may have in the 2000's. Following this trend, I think in the future as time progresses styles that may have previously been considered outlandish or ridiculous will become increasingly more acceptable.

Is fashion a true art form?

Of course!

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

To reach as large of an audience as possible as well as to grow as an artist and content creator. 

We wish you all possible success, thanks for this interview!

If you want to say Hi to Noor or just follow her journey, you'll find her social media pages here:

Noor on Instagram (@artsypeach)

Noor on YouTube (artsypeach)

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